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Wednesday, July 26

Scribble Picnic Postponed One Week!

Sorry, folks, due to some unforeseen time commitments and now with Alexandra sick (from eating something with seeds in it which her liver can't tolerate), our weekly picnic challenge is washed out, as it were. (I haven't had to previously delay a picnic but in this case, inclement conditions warrant otherwise!) Please hold onto to your pieces and link to the sign up next Wednesday, August 2nd, instead. Consider it a summer break! :)

Yes, I could have published the sign up anyway, so hope you don't mind waiting another week as both of us have some cute curtain concepts we'd like to draw up and show at our next picnic! In the interim, here are some fun ideas others have done...

Thanks for your patience! I hope your week is going well.

All the best,

Your Scribble Picnic Enthusiast, Organizer and Host

UPDATE (Wednesday pm):
Alexandra is on the mends. Thank you for the good wishes, all! :)


  1. you mean Wed Aug 2 Michael! Hope Alexandra feels better soon! 'Enthusiast, organizer, host'... I like that!

    1. Oops! You are totally right. Long day. Date corrected. Thanks Christine!

  2. Oh that's shame but I do hope Alexandra will be feeling better very soon.
    Curtains for now - see you next week.
    Hugs to you both - Mary

  3. We don't mind waiting another week at all, Michael...totally understand the need to postpone it. Family is definitely a priority. I do hope Alexandra feels better soon, poor thing. Please pass on my well wishes and let her know that I'm sending healing vibes her way.

  4. Family is everything. I Hope each day brings Alexandra renewed strength. Warm greetings and best wishes.

  5. Michael,
    I haven't even had a chance to catch up on last week's comments. Holding off it fine for me. I have it ready and will post next week. Let's see what's behind the curtains.
    Prayers for Alexandra. I know how yucky food reactions can be. Keep us updated on how she is feeling.

  6. sounds great! I really didn't get around to doing anything so now I have more time.

    I hope Alexandra gets better soon.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Yay!!! So hope you get to it with the extra week.

  7. Oh Michael, so sorry to hear that Alexandra is under the weather with this tummy bug. Hope she is already doing better. Life is a priority, Scribble Picnic for fun. No one minds waiting for your love to get better. Love and Hugs.

  8. I am sorry to hear that Alexandra is not well. Sending healing vibes. See you another week. Of course this is understandable.

  9. Thanks for the well wishes, all. Alex doing much better. What a few days!

  10. not good she was ill :( but maybe i might end up getting something for this week done now :p

  11. A summer break is just what I needed, but sorry for the cause. Glad to hear that Alexandra is doing better, and pray it continues that way.


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