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Wednesday, December 6

Happy Finland Day!

(Independence Day in Porvoo, Finland!)

 Update: My piece is finally done! Thanks for checking back to see it. 

This week in Porvoo, they have beyond frigid temps and lots of snow but, never mind,
there's plenty of coffee, baked goodies and holiday cheer to go round!

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Guess what? I haven't Finnished my piece yet! At least I already have a rough idea in my head and have gathered various photos from which to create my own rendition. Sorry to have to ask you to once again pop by and see my piece later...as with last week's that still needs completion (although it's about halfway coloured now).

The reality is that Alex and I drove up into the mountains away for the weekend at a little Airbnb studio condo up in the town of Breckenridge, CO, to celebrate our (4 year) anniversary. Since returning though, it's been quite busy. We both have a lot of work on our plates. In fact, I really don't see it dying down until the official 12 days of Christmas kicks off on Christmas Day itself!

In the meantime, whenever ready today, please show us how you've artistically honoured Finland or Scandinavia. Happy Independence Day to any Finns out there btw! Before this week, I had no idea they invented ice skates, have more saunas than cars, let alone drink 4x the coffee Brits enjoy. Not only that, their forests cover a larger area than the whole of the UK or Italy and yet there are actually more people in Colorado than Finland, with the population just under 5.5 million! Makes me wonder, who among you has ever been? Mary, perhaps? Let's Finnd out... :)


Wednesday, November 29

A Generous Winter's Picnic

Work in Progress: Stringing Gingerbread Surprise!

Our Thanksgiving break was truly just that! Not taking any work with me—no computer even—and arriving back here Tuesday morning (2:30 am) means I'm still catching up with things! So, as with last week, please check back here later to see the finalized version.

Sitting in front of the fire, Santa's been musing on how truly incredibly smart and delicious these gingersnaps are that Mrs. Claus bakes up this time every time year, helping fortify him for the long journey ahead. His trusted staff of jolly helpers can always be counted on too. If it wasn't for them, he'd surely be in such a peppermint pickle! So, why not surprise everyone with a little something completed unexpected? They love decorations after all, and while Santa's certainly generous, he's not exactly known for sharing his delicious morsels of fresh baked ginger joy. That is, until now! :) (I'm sure the reindeer will enjoy reaching down from the rooftop for some energy snaps too.)

Time now to show us how you've been generous!

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