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Thursday, March 23

Planning for Scribble Picnic's Giveaway #2!

It's been a whole month since the very first Scribble Picnic giveaway that Serena won. So, as promised, it's time for another! This 52-week planner is beautifully designed and would make a great gift if you didn't want it for yourself. However, just think of all the creative inspirations you could come up with using such an inspiring book. :)

Anyway, I hope the lil' video preview inspired you. As noted, you get 1 entry per week signed up here. So, for many of you, that's 4 entries (one per week for Cabin, Umbrella, Lantern and Fairies) — pretty good odds when considering there was a total of 40 entries. (What? That's a whopping one-in-ten chance!) Keep in mind too that there will be a few other items tossed in for fun and probably one of my blank art cards too. It will be a fun picnic basket of goodies, let me assure you!

I'm not picking the winner today but have all your names written down the correct number of times and am ready to go. For this go around, I'm actually going have a slip of paper for each entry, throwing them into a bowl and having Alexandra blind pick out the winner, filming it too. That way, you can watch the video, build the suspense with us and find out who won! I'll post this Sunday, along with a photo of some other items included.

In the meantime, thanks for your involvement; for promoting this art cooperative and for visiting each other too. (I love reading some of your lovely comments to one another as much as the accompanying posts to your own creations.) 

OK, until then, Happy Scribble Picknicking! Our next picnic is on a BOAT, so to speak! And, if you haven't noticed, the new themes for the next several weeks are up on the sidebar already, in case you want to plan ahead. Thanks again.


Wednesday, March 22

Scribble Picnic: Fairies

Fairies are upon us for this picnic! And here's my take. With lots of work lately,  I only jumped on this around 8pm Tuesday night and now that it's 10:15pm, this is where this piece will have to end. Got to get some sleep! Who knows, maybe I'll dream about some of these mystical flights of fancy? The reality is that while I do believe in angels, spirits, etc, I'm not terribly into fairy folk-lore per se, but they definitely did have their place within in English culture, particularly whilst growing up.

Speaking of which, I have actually, oddly enough, had an "experience" with "fairies," if you will, believe it or not. While most likely sparked by imagination and sleep, I still remember it distinctly all these decades later! When I was about 6 and my younger sister around 5, we had just moved to London where we shared a room and would talk to each other each night, full of excitement at the sounds of the city and the street lights below. One night I dreamt that before falling asleep, between our two beds in the middle of the room, sparkling lights started glowing just above the carpet — and there they were — tiny fairies joining hands and dancing in a circle, full of glee! Merrily, they went round and round, some fluttering up and down, others just running or skipping like little kids. Both my sister and I were utterly enthralled, our eyes and mouths literally wide open with wonder.

Waking up the next morning and thinking about what a vivid and unexpected dream I had that night, my sister then started telling me about her own dream. And guess what? It was the exact same as mine! Even at such a young age, I imagined that one of us must have kind of entered the others' dream or something...or was it real somehow? While fun to imagine the latter, my mind was more intrigued with the notion of dreams, even at that age. (I've always remembered my dreams, often a handful each night actually, and all of them very vivid to the smallest details — like noticing loose threads on clothing or what have you. Mind you, all pretty random and pointless too! Hahaha.)

And so here I am today, still enthralled with that sense of wonder. That is where the child-like heart comes alive, after all. As my dear mother often would say, "...there are far more things in this universe seen than unseen, Michael." Faith aside, I really do feel that love between people, music and art can help capture that sense of the intangible in its various forms. And so with that, I'm wondering, just how did you capture something like FAIRIES, of all things? I included this theme, knowing quite a few of you really love drawing them. Time then to sign up below and show us your very own fairy picnic! I'll be sure to pop by later, merrily even, leaving a comment for each of you but perhaps not dancing a jig or anything quite that exciting, sorry to say. :)

(Do be sure to pop back here tomorrow, Thursday, for a special sneak peek at the next giveaway.)

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