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Wednesday, April 26

Scribble Picnic: Tree and sign up!

Time for another creative picnic and this time under a TREE! Which season would you prefer here? I'm thinking it would be fun to sit under all those falling leaves...or maybe even try to catch some!

OK, time to show us your own woody versions....


Thursday, April 20

Scribble Picnic: Ladder Sign Up

Submerged Treasures: Where there's a will there's a way!

UPDATE: My drawing is finally done! Here's my contribution for this week...to be coloured in later! As I perused pictures of ladders this weekend, it occurred to me that almost all of them show someone climbing up/ascending them but rarely does one see anyone climb DOWN them... And so, here comes Snorkeling Sammie Pool Dog to the rescue!

This Clever but cheeky little pup has finally figured out a way to reach all those toys he's missed catching. More serious measures are in order! :) 

Thanks for joining our picnic. Let's see who's managed to work up (or down) a LADDER this week! :)  Sign up below...

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